Secrets For A Happy Marriage

Perhaps you have heard that half of the marriages today end in divorce, with spouses bitterly upset and confused children. Do not let this happen to you!

Either your marriage is going through difficult times, your home is a nest of happiness, or you are single and thinking of getting married.

There is a series of free tips that will help you in your happy marriage.

Strive for the relationship

Love can be put to the test in the most complicated and difficult moments, but it depends on one to solve them. Many of those who had been together for many years was still in love with their husbands.

The key to keeping the romance alive is to strive. Achieving a mutual commitment, sharing time together and caring about their relationship will allow them to resolve their conflicts more easily.

Appreciate each other

Gratitude is one of the keys for a couple to succeed. A study conducted by the Arizona State University determined that those who feel appreciated by their peers for everything they do for them are more satisfied in their relationships.

Also, another simple word can improve the life of the couple: “us”. An investigation carried out by the Journal of Psychology and Aging pointed out that spouses who use words like “us” or “our” when they speak during a conflict have higher levels of affection, less negative behaviors such as anger, and fewer stress levels during the fight.

Maintain physical contact permanently

Embracing each other a lot, having several sexual encounters a week and sleeping together will improve your relationship noticeably. According to a study by the University of Hertfordshire, 94% of couples who maintain contact when they sleep are happier with their relationship.

Also having an active sex life during marriage generates satisfying relationships and reduces people’s mood swings.

Marry whoever spends the same thing as you

An adage says that opposites attract each other because one is a complement to the other, but when it comes to finances, the solution is another. A group of students from the University of Michigan School of Business analyzed more than 1,000 married and unmarried couples and found that there is a tendency to choose those who are opposed to financial management; thus, a spender will join a saver.

However, the result will be great conflicts over money management.

Being honest will solve many problems

Honesty in the relationship can be very hard because it can mean facing things you do not want. But, although it sounds discouraging, to tell the truth, only those who practice it will be able to overcome problems more easily.

Those who were honest knew absolutely everything about their relationship, with ups and downs, but were much more committed.

On the other hand, those who always lied believed that their relationship was a fairy tale and everything was fine. Their relationship was more unstable and easier to break.