Table Saw Safety Issues

Here are some common issues when it comes to table saws.

Projection of particles and dust.

Blade breakage.

Cuts and amputations.

Ambient noise.

Abrasion and crushing.

Preventative measures:

Table saws shall be equipped with the following protective elements: Blade cover frame, cutting blade, cutter pusher, guide, pulley transmission guards, waterproof electrical switch and A grounding plug included in the power cable itself.

Before starting your work, check the condition of the disk; If it is worn or cracked, replace it immediately. Check that the ground wire has not been damaged.

Before starting the cutting, while the machine is still disconnected from the electrical power, turn the blade by hand. It must be replaced if it is cracked or broken or if it lacks a notch. Otherwise, it may break during cutting and a worker may be injured.

The blade must be protected during cutting (lower the guard).
All nails or metal parts planted in the wood to be cut must have been removed. Otherwise, the blade may fracture or the wood may move or jump uncontrollably, causing serious accidents.

Table saws will not be positioned within three meters (generally) of the edges of forgings except those that are effectively protected (nets, guard rails, protective finishes, etc.).

The electrical supply is made by means of anti-humidity sleeves, equipped with waterproof plugs and on the electrical distribution board.

Do not install the table saw in a wet area or full of puddles to avoid the risk of falls and electrical contact.

Table saws will be cleaned from the table saw by sweeping and stacking for subsequent transport to the landfill. Provide a container for spills and falls.

Collective protections

The machine must be installed in areas which are not areas of transit and which are well ventilated. Proper maintenance of power supply.
The machine tool must be marked to be used with personal protective equipment:

-Leather gloves (mandatory use of gloves required) and safety boots.
-Filter mask.
-Anti-particle glasses or anti-splash screen.
-Hearing protection.

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