Foods For Dogs

It is true that most dogs can eat almost everything we eat (meat, bread, vegetables, fruit). But not in the same proportions. If you really want to know what type of meat do dogs like to eat, you should start by understanding that dogs are carnivores.

Being carnivorous means that the dog’s diet is based on meat.

So, dogs only eat meat?.

No! The meat should be the main ingredient in the diet of your dog, but not alone.

Good food for dogs

A dog eats meat, a muscle of other animals like chicken, beef or beef, pork, turkey, rabbit, horse.

Supplemented with viscera such as gizzards, liver or heart. However, the liver and heart go to a lesser extent than the meat (that is, it is not worth giving a dish filled up to your dog’s liver every day.)

However, the liver and heart go to a lesser extent than the meat ( it is not worth giving a dish filled up to your dog’s liver every day).

Dogs can eat eggs

Animal and vegetable fat (butter, chicken skin and some vegetable fat like olive oil.

Carbohydrates can also good for your dogs (bread, potatoes, rice).

Dogs can eat fruits and vegetables.

Baked, roasted or fried bones are bad and dangerous for dogs, but raw bones appropriate to the size of the dog are good.

The dogs can eat occasionally dairy products like yogurt or cheese. Some people believe that all dairy products, in general, are bad for dogs.

But it’s not like that, a healthy dog can drink some yogurt.

Dogs can eat nuts, but not all are good.

Bad foods for dogs

There are a few human-friendly foods that we should not use with our dogs. Surely you’ve heard that chocolate or grapes are bad for dogs. But they are not the only things.

– Onion and to a lesser extent garlic.

– Coffee and any beverage with caffeine.

– Pecan nuts

– Sugarless gum and any food that has Xylitol.

– Fruit bones and nuggets.

– Alcoholic beverages: contain ethanol, very toxic to dogs.

– Avocado: it is only slightly poisonous for some dogs, the most serious problem is if they eat it whole, by the bone.

– Dairy: can cause diarrhea in some dogs although natural yogurt and some cheeses are, in fact, good for them.

Imagine that you see people eating natural food (meat, potatoes, lettuce), while you only eat astronaut cookies every day of your life.

It would be weird and not very funny, would it?

Well, think that your dog is like you in many things, and in this one too. They like the variety and the natural. So it’s good to feed our dog both homemade food and dog food so that your dog enjoys different flavors and nutrients.

Dogs have about 220 million olfactory cells, so they have a very different experience than we can perceive with our sense of smell. Make sure your dog’s food is attractive to his nose, so they will devour what they have on the plate.

A healthy diet is a varied diet!