How to Clean Under the Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal system (example) is helpful when it comes to disposing of food. When you clean your house, however, it is often forgotten about. Due to this oversight, the garbage disposal can begin to smell and attract bacteria and insects. To correct this problem, you can clean it with a few things you probably have sitting next to the disposal, under the kitchen sink cleaning the home.

• Fill the garbage disposal with hot water and squeeze in some antibacterial soap.
• cut the power source of the garbage disposal until all water draining from disposal. Once finished, wipe the inside of the device with a scrub brush. Keep the area clear around the trash removal switch.
• Pour baking soda into a garbage disposal, followed by 1 cup of vinegar. This creates and blends the bubbles up out of the setup. Let this sit for about 10 minutes.
• Introduce boiling water into the garbage disposal. Let the water sit for a moment, then pull the plug to drain the water
• Rinse out any remaining baking soda and vinegar from the sink

There you have it. Some practical tips that you can implement right away when you are cleaning your garbage disposal.